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Are you a small business owner searching for a more effective way to track the performance of your marketing campaigns?

Look no further! After working on digital advertising campaigns with hundreds of clients, the Solucru team has hand-selected the ultimate collection of lead generation attribution software tools that will FINALLY give you the answers you need!

Unparalleled Attribution Technologies

Our fully managed software solution includes a hand-selected group of the most powerful attribution technologies available today. These advanced tools are designed to provide valuable insights for small business owners, allowing you to understand the true impact of your marketing efforts.
With this innovative package, you can accurately attribute which marketing activities drive your best leads and customers, while identifying the underperforming ones.

Call Tracking

This essential tool identifies the source of all phone calls originating from digital ads or your website. It also includes call recording, so you never miss critical information.

Web Visitor Attribution Tracking

Find out where every form submission on your site comes from, enabling you to effectively measure the success of your digital marketing efforts.

Click Fraud Prevention

Ensure your entire digital advertising budget goes towards genuine traffic with robust click fraud prevention integrated into the software.

Real-time Reporting Tools

Monitor your campaign performance and view essential metrics in real-time with our comprehensive reporting tools. Stay informed and make data-driven decisions to improve your campaigns.

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With Solucru’s custom lead generation attribution software package, you’ll be equipped with the latest technologies to optimize your marketing budget and drive more leads. Experience the Solucru difference and maximize the impact of your marketing campaigns like never before.

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Monthly Software Includes:

* Monthly fee starting from $250 based on usage. The default package includes 5 tracking numbers and 250 local minutes which can be scaled according to your business needs.

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More About These Technologies

Call Tracking

Campaign Attribution for Calls: With the call tracking feature, you will instantly understand which advertisement campaign or keyword prompted your clients to call, even before you engage with them.

Streamlined Call Distribution: Customizable menus and call routing strategies ensure your callers reach the most applicable person for their queries. If a call is missed, you can return it using the same tracking number they employed to reach you.

Automated Tagging, Qualification, and Ranking of Leads: Leverage the integrated conversation intelligence to scrutinize calls for spoken keywords, create transcripts, and qualify leads, allowing your team to concentrate on finalizing the business deal.

Discover Hidden Call Metrics: Remain ahead of your competitors with visitor-level tracking, offering insights into each lead’s journey before they make a call.

Real-time Reports for Call Metrics and Team Performance: Make marketing decisions driven by data with our all-encompassing reports, highlighting campaign and keyword efficiency, peak calling times, and opportunities to improve your marketing approaches.

Web Visitor Attribution

Comprehensive Marketing Attribution Data: Get deep insights into the source of your leads and customers, enhancing your knowledge of the channels that bring success.

Effective CRM Compatibility: Engineered to function flawlessly with your CRM, form builder, email marketing, or analytics tools, our solution places crucial marketing attribution data exactly where it’s most beneficial for you.

Holistic Understanding of Investment: Extract detailed information about the ROI of your paid marketing campaigns, enabling judicious budget allocation choices and strategic expansion opportunities.

Data-Driven Revenue Increases: By gaining clarity on successful and underperforming strategies, you’ll be able to adjust your spend and resources, leading to increased customer acquisition and revenue.

Click Fraud Prevention

Real-Time Ad Traffic Control: Automatically halt detrimental clicks on your Google Ads and restrict visibility of your Facebook Ads to dubious users, safeguarding your advertising budget.

Combat Non-Human Bot Interactions: Around 40% of web traffic is non-human. Actively prevent bots from eating into your advertising budget, permitting genuine traffic to flourish.

Manage Competitor Interactions: Stay a step ahead by preventing competitors from draining your advertising budget and taking the №1 position in search results.

Counter Click Farms and Illegitimate Clicks: Encouraging genuine traffic is key to achieving higher conversions. Halt click farms and fraudulent clicks, enhancing the quality of your site’s incoming traffic.

Maintain a Solid Stance Against Brand Detractors: Ensure that your promotional success isn’t thwarted by those wishing to see you fail. Implement procedures to maintain the integrity of your marketing results.

Real-time Reporting

Detailed Views of User Interactions: Real-time reporting provides an immediate view of how users are interacting with your site. This can be everything from the pages viewed, the sources that directed the users to your site, to the devices they use.

Immediate Traffic Flow Analysis: Real-time data lets you see what’s driving traffic to your site at a specific moment. You can see the results of a newly-launched campaign, or understand the impact of a social media post or blog article right after it’s published.

Monitor KPIs in Real-time: Keeping an eye on important metrics as they happen allows you to respond swiftly to changes, adjust strategies, and capitalize on opportunities as they arise.

Real-time Event Tracking: Use real-time reporting to track actions on your site as they occur, such as form submissions, button clicks, or file downloads. This can help you immediately assess the user experience and make necessary adjustments.

Frequently Asked Questions

What level of detail can I expect in the attribution information for my leads?

We aim to provide detailed, practical data on your leads. You will obtain general source data indicating how your lead discovered your business. This comes along with more intricate aspects depicting the specific way they interacted with your marketing campaign. For instance, let’s break down a lead originating from a Google Ads Search Ad:

  1. Broad Source: CPC/Paid Ads
  2. Specific Platform: Google Ads
  3. Campaign Name: Search Campaign #1
  4. Keyword or Ad Creative: ‘Best carpet cleaner near me’
  5. Landing Page: Landing Page #1

This level of information enables you to fully assess your campaigns’ return on investment and identify areas of improvement or success.

Is it possible to integrate lead attribution data into my existing CRM system?

Absolutely! Solucru can push your lead attribution data directly into the majority of CRM platforms. Depending on your specific system, you will typically have the freedom to segment your data or run reports according to the contact source or campaign data.

How does Solucru handle adjustments or introduction of new marketing campaigns?

Not an issue at all! We manage all the technologies we provide for you, full-fledged. In case any tweaks are required or you’re looking to start a new marketing campaign, we can smoothly take care of it on your behalf. Alternatively, if you wish to carry these changes out yourself, we are happy to provide step-by-step guidance.

Is there a limit on the number of call tracking numbers I can use?
You’re free to use as many call tracking numbers as your business requires. Our call tracking technology partner does charge a nominal fee for each additional number, but there’s no cap on the number of unique tracking numbers you can implement. Feel free to schedule a conversation with us to learn more about the ongoing factors that influence call tracking pricing.
What if I choose to cease using your software in the future?

No problem at all. We understand businesses have fluctuating needs. There are no lengthy commitments with us. If you decide down the road that our managed attribution system no longer aligns with your requirements, we will promptly deactivate your accounts and halt all future billing.

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